3 Questions You Need To Ask When Sourcing Home Finance
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3 Questions You Need To Ask When Sourcing Home Finance

When sourcing home loan finance for your new home, there are 3 things you need answers for:

  1. How much can I borrow?

    The answer to this depends on a lot of different factors and the borrowing capacity will vary significantly between lenders. Loan calculators do not give accurate advice find out why here.

  2. How much should I borrow?

    What repayments will you be comfortable with? Have you thought about your budget now and for the coming years? Just because the lender says you can borrow a certain amount, doesn’t mean that is the right option for you.

  3. What is the best loan package for me?

    There are many factors to consider here, obviously great interest rates and low fees are top of the list. Your broker can also assist you in finding a loan with other benefits like an offset account.

Get honest answers to all of the tricky financial questions

To make sure you are able to get good solid un-biased answers to all these questions, we have associated ourselves with experienced loan broker Rob Frew, from Salt & Pepper Home Loans.

We offer free in-house consultations with Rob Frew to help you get the right answers for all of your home loan questions, and to assist you on your journey to building a new home.

“(When sourcing home loan finance) the first question should be “When can I get in to see Rob Frew?” and then there aren’t really any more questions because he is just so brilliant and knowledgeable!” – Willow Jobst

It’s worth taking the time to get good advice

We understand that home finance can seem daunting and knowing where to start is sometimes the biggest problem, but it is definitely worth taking the time to find out exactly where you stand and take away the guesswork.

In just one short meeting, Rob at Salt & Pepper Home Loans can quickly determine the lenders you will qualify with for a mortgage, the deposit amounts required and loan repayment amounts for various home loans available.

This borrowing capacity assessment will be based specifically on your own individual circumstances so he can provide you with a clear path for the future. Rob can then give you a time frame for when you will be able to proceed with loan applications, whether straight away or at some stage in the future.

Many clients who believe they may not be in a position to get a house loan right now are a little apprehensive or worried that they may be wasting a broker’s valuable time BUT we encourage you to have a meeting with Rob. It is definitely worthwhile to take the time to get some honest and unbiased advice to help you plan for your future.

In the event you may not be able to do something right away, Rob can let you know exactly what areas of your personal finances would be best to focus on to put you in a good place for applying for a home loan.

It is very rewarding to assist clients to achieve their goals to own their own home, and together Grady Homes and Salt & Pepper Home Loans are making it happen for many new home owners across Townsville.

“Honestly I wasn’t really sure if we were eligible for a new loan, but Rob sorted out all the painful stuff. His service and response time to questions was impeccable, professional and accurate. Rob knew exactly every detail of the requirements, the processes and knew every answer to every question. He was very assuring through the whole process. Could not be happier.”

The value of an expert opinion

Rob often hears clients talk about how the bank they have been with since they were a child told them they can’t assist them with a home loan. These clients are always VERY surprised that Rob can actually help them find a suitable home loan!!

It’s really important to not let one lender or even another broker’s opinion make you believe that if one lender says ‘no’, that ‘no’ will be the case with all lenders. It’s just not the case.

Salt & Pepper Home Loans has access to over 30 quality lenders (more than most brokerages) and they have the experience to know each lender’s particular pros and cons. Rob can advise you on the most suitable lenders and loan products for your individual circumstances.

“It has been such a great experience working together with Rob. We wouldn’t be building our first home without all of his support in applying for the home loan. He definitely made what seems like a daunting process, a complete breeze.” – Hayley & Craig Wright

Best of all – We won’t make you feel small!

Over the years we’ve heard a lot of feedback from clients regarding how they were treated when they went to their bank for advice about a home loan.

Just this week we had a client that went to see their bank about qualifying for a home loan where the loans consultant hardly even spoke to him, just calculated some figures, wrote down how much deposit he would need and how much he could borrow on a piece of paper and slid it to him across the desk. How impersonal!

There have also been many clients who were told by their bank to basically “come back and see us when you have $30,000 or more saved”!

These types of meetings can leave clients feeling embarrassed and dejected thinking that all lenders or brokers may be the same, but rest assured we never treat our clients this way!

We understand that personal finance is just that, personal. So Rob and his team go out of their way to inform and help you however possible to ensure that you actually get decent unbiased advice so that you can make your home dreams a reality, sooner! 

As your broker Rob fights to get you the very best deal possible with the most suitable lender and home loan options. It is his mission to find his clients home loans with great features that will remain very competitive well into the future. And this is why we recommend his service to all of our clients!

“Rob and Donna have been exceptional and amazing! No one that we had spoken to about owning our own home has even come close to helping us achieve that and we had spoken to a few different companies who specialize in home loans.

The knowledge that was presented to us and support was phenomenal. The support and guidance even since having our loan approved has been amazing. I don’t know how we would have coped going elsewhere. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In the future we will definitely be returning to speak with Robert about investment products and services.” – Belinda & Phil Jobst

I knew the reputation that Rob & Donna had and after meeting with them, I realised that all of what I had heard was 100% true and that no-one else compares to the service that they provide.” – Jemma Boyes

You do not need to be a Grady client to access this service, however this service is provided from offices within the Grady Homes head office in Garbutt.

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