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Build New or Buy Old?

You could buy an existing home and renovate, but before you do, give some thought to the following points:

  • 61% of used homes aged over 20 years required a major renovation to major amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The average bathroom renovation spend is between $10,000-$16,500
  • The average kitchen renovation spend is between $10,000-$14,500
  • 58% of home renovations take longer than expected
  • The average time spent on renovations and maintenance of old homes is 4 hours and 40 minutes per day!
  • New paint, render or cladding doesn’t make your home safer or cyclone proof
  • Removing old flooring does not remove asbestos or solve damp issues
  • New lights do not mean the house is energy efficient

No matter what you do to an old home, it will always be an old home.

  • Newly built home save money, time and often marriages!
  • Newly built home owners are more likely to invite friends over

Buying an existing property often means:

  • Budget blow-outs and never-ending costs
  • Weekends consumed by renovations and maintenance repairs

In reality, buying a used home really isn’t what it’s cracked up to be!

So buy new.

Building new means you and your family will have the safety and security of a brand new home. You’ll get the bathroom and kitchen you’ve always wanted…without the headache! AND you’ll save your weekends, your back pocket AND your relationship. Buy new. Buy a Grady Home.

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