What is the Client Colour Selection Bag?

What is the Client Colour Selection Bag?

There is nothing more exciting than building your own home, especially in the period just before and during the build itself! At Grady Homes we want you to be able to share this excitement with everyone! That’s why for every client that builds with us, we provide them with a colour selection goodie bag.

In the colour selection bag you receive samples of your chosen interior and exterior colour selections for your new home, such as bench top laminate or stone samples, carpet and tile samples. Clients also receive a bound booklet containing photos and details of all of your chosen fittings, fixtures and colour selections for your new home.

This booklet and the colour selection bag are perfect for sharing a snippet of how your home will look with your friends and family. Enabling our clients to share their excitement about their new home is just another way we go the extra mile to make sure our clients truly enjoy the whole experience of building a new home!

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