Easy Landscaping Ideas For Your New Townsville Home

You may have recently decided to build, or currently have a new home that is in desperate need of a garden, but when it comes to starting a garden…where do you start? And, furthermore, how much will it set you back?

Where To Start
The first places to start are your project budget and applicable covenants. From here you can clearly decide where to spend your time and money first. Secondly, determine placement of your current irrigation and whether it will need to be re-positioned or sections closed off.

landscaping-ideas townsville

Basic Garden Layouts With Street Appeal
To get started, aim for 1-2 simple garden strips to the front yard framing the driveway and front of the home. If the budget allows, add extra landscaping to make a statement porch/entry to your home, or down the side of the house to the side gate. For the back yard, create a garden bed along the back fence for easy maintenance and screening. For something extra, add landscaping to the edge of your patio or entertaining space to make the space more inviting and attractive.

TIP: Avoid kidney bean or island garden beds in the front yard as the shape has no connection to the shape and style of your home, detracts from your streetscape and can be difficult to mow around.



Add Texture 
Using a combination of simple textured materials adds serious visual appeal without a hefty price tag. Pairing simple pavers or smooth wooden decking with surrounds of wood chips or pebbles mixes raw and smooth. You can add texture in the plants you choose such as smooth slender grasses with broader-leaf bushes.

Use Colour
Pair light leaved plants with dark, or add a select few brightly coloured plants to attract the eye. Choose plant colours, pavers or decorative stones that compliment the external colours or features of your house.

Add Layers 
With only a few budget-friendly pieces you can create a great garden with effective use of height. To create different heights in your garden you can use a combination of new and established plants, decorative pieces such as statues or urns, use planter boxes, large rocks, sleepers or pavers to create raised garden beds or decorative walls, use one or two tall plants as focal points amongst shrubs and grasses, create a wall with hedging plants with native grasses or flowering plants in front.

Talk to your Grady New Homes Consultant about landscaping plans to suit your home design, block of land, applicable covenant and that works with your budget.

It’s a good idea to sketch some ideas on your site plan so that when you meet with the landscaper, they have a clear idea to work from when you meet them.