Building Your First Home

First Home Buyer Townsville

Building a house can be a really exciting time, but it can also be a daunting and overwhelming time, especially if it is your first time building or buying a property.

There are so many questions to be asked, information to be gathered, and decisions to be made…

So where do you start?

What can you expect during the building process?

What is the process between now and living in your own home?

We answer all of your home building questions right here.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch and one of our friendly team can help you with your any of your home building questions.

First Home Owners Grant Queensland

$15,000 Towards Your First Home

For those who are building their first home to live in, it is a truly exciting time! Not only are you venturing down the path of designing and building a brand new home, but the Queensland Government is also offering first home builders a huge $15,000 First Home Owner Grant to go towards paying off your new home.

We make it easy to apply the grant to your build, PLUS, your Grady Homes consultant will help you with the grant application when you build your new home with us. Find out more about the $15,000 First Home Owners Grant.

First Home Buyer builder research

Do Your Research

Building your first home is a very exciting time, but for some it can overwhelming, nerve-racking and frustrating.

At Grady Homes we firmly believe that to fully Enjoy The Experience of building your home, you need to be well informed about all aspects of building a house and the options available to you before, during and after the home is built.

To help you better understand the building process, your building and finance options, and to set your mind at ease, we have also included many answers to the questions we hear frequently our customers.

We also believe that when it comes to building your home, there is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question. So, if at any time you have a question about building your new home, please do not hesitate to drop by our display homes or contact our office.

Grady First, Simplifying The Home Building Process

Building your first home? What an exciting time for you!
No more inspections, rental increases, having to ask permission for everything – this is your home!

At Grady Homes we have a specialised unique process for home builders ensuring that they receive the ultimate in affordability and livability, without compromising on quality, design or size, and that saves time and money!

It’s Affordability Without Compromise

Grady First homes came about when we asked ourselves the following question:

“How can we make our homes more affordable without compromising on…

  • The same quality of home we are famous for
  • The same exceptional service that we are loved for
  • The same unmatched warranty service
  • And NOT reducing the size of the home!”

Grady First is the answer to that question and it makes home ownership so easy in so many ways.  Grady First is not just for first home buyers though, click below to find out more…

Designing and building your first home

The 6 steps to building your first home



Building or buying a new home is a big decision both financially and personally. We encourage all customers looking to build or buy to thoroughly do their research when it comes to land selection, house designs, and most importantly their chosen builder. And don’t just take the word of the builder, talk to their previous clients, local tradesmen and the QBCC to find out what you expect from your chosen builder.

We provide a lot of building information and design inspiration sources on our website, in each of our Townsville display homes, and our sales consultants are highly knowledgeable in all of these areas and prepared to answered any of your home building questions 7 days a week.

Now is also a good time to seek out the advice of a mortgage broker or talk to your bank to discuss your building budget.


Now is time for you to sit down with your chosen builder’s sales consultant and discuss suitable land choices, house designs, build choices, and interior and exterior inclusions. Your consultant can even walk you through homes that are currently being built to show you some features, colours or layouts that suit your needs.

A house plan is then drafted, tweaked and finalised before all of your  decisions are sent to our in-house building estimator who will provide a quote for the proposed job. Following the quote you will meet with your consultant to make any further changes to your plan or inclusions, or to approve the quote and go on to signing a building tender and contract.

The presented final plans are also sent to council, an engineer and the estate developer for approval at this stage.


Once a building quote has been accepted a tender document will be presented to you to approve the build to go ahead. From here, a formal contract including all build related costs, your plans, chosen fixtures and fittings is presented. You should always read your contract thoroughly and have your lawyer look over it prior to signing. Once signed, this contract is sent to your broker/bank for finance approval.

When finance approval is received, building of your new home will commence promptly. A start and completion date will be provided to you usually in your building contract.


This is when all of the planning comes to fruition. Over 5 short months your chosen block of land will be transformed into your beautiful brand new home, ready to move in.

Read about our 7 steps to constructing your brand new home here.


Prior to final hand-over, Bruce Grady will go through your new home with you to show you all the features of your home, how they work and how to maintain them. Bruce will also note any obvious defects to be fixed by tradesmen and cleaners prior to final hand-over.

Hand-over day is an exciting time of the whole home building process. On the day you will meet a consultant at our office who will go through your warranties, keys, maintenance and other aspects of owning your new home. Your keys will be provided and your brand new home is yours to move in straight away.


At Grady Homes we look after our clients long after we’ve handed over the keys to their home. We check in regularly during the first year after construction to ensure there are no issues with the home. We also provide a warranty and after-care contact should there be any defects that arise within our 50 year structural warranty period.

We want our clients to continue to be as happy with their home as the day they got the keys so we like to look after them long after construction is complete.


The Great Rental Myth – EXPOSED

Is renting REALLY cheaper?

Could renting actually cost you a whole lot more than BUYING your first home now?

3 eye-opening case studies that may change your thinking about owning your own home. The names of the couples here aren’t real, but the scenarios are very real indeed. Chances are you may even see yourself, your friends, or perhaps even your parents in these.

property investment townsville builder

The Two Keys to Home Ownership – Which Suits You?

When it comes to building your first home you actually have two different options.

Some clients are fortunate enough to be able to afford to build their own home to live in.

Others, who can’t afford it right now, but want to get their foot into the door of the property market, choose to have someone else pay it off for them.

Contact us for more information about Grady Invest opportunities.