Townsville Home Building Information Evenings

We’re sure you’ve probably heard some of the horror stories floating around about how someone’s plans to build a new home that went terribly wrong and you’re frightened the same thing could happen to you.

Well, here at Grady Homes, experienced builder Bruce Grady hosts monthly New Home Building Information Seminars that provide customers who are building a new home in Townsville with the essential information they need to know to avoid building nightmares and actually enjoy the experience of building a new home.

Bruce details what you can expect during each stage of the home building process, what happens on-site and off-site during construction of your new home, introduces your designated contacts for during and after the build, and he answers all of your home building questions. This is an informative session designed to educate and provide insight into what happens behind-the-scenes of building your new home.

Happy clients mean everything to me. People often say how helpful these sessions are and how much difference they make to their building experience, so I invite you to come along as well so you too can have an enjoyable building experience.Bruce Grady

Our free home building information seminars are held twice a month from 5.30-8pm. Bookings are essential so register your interest to join us at the next event.

Feedback from previous seminar guests:

“Thank you for organising the seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and thought all of the information was relevant and useful, it was interesting to see all of the different stages of construction. My experience with Grady Homes during this build has been excellent, there hasn’t been any need to stress and all of the staff are lovely.” Luke Fletcher

“Wow!! What a great night, we have built before and we felt we were in the dark for most of it. Last night gave us peace of mind, we know we are going into the build very confident that we have chosen a builder that will communicate with us through the entire process and that our home will be of the highest quality.” Sophia Gofton

“Kyle & I really enjoyed the evening and found it really helpful. We’re glad the processes were elaborated on so now we know exactly what’s going to happen and expected timeframes etc. We don’t have any further questions at the moment. Bruce pretty much covered everything which is good. We would still have built with Grady no matter what because of the really good reputation and warranty. All the tradies I have spoken to speak highly of you so there was no reason not to build with you!! We thank everyone for their help and can’t wait to start building.” Melissa Pyke

“We really enjoyed the step by step explanation of the building stages. The pictures were extremely helpful as well as we got to see things that were happening that we did not realise during the construction of our home. We felt that the information given was in a good enough detail and I think too much more information could have confused the ‘average joe’ who does not have any building experience.  The seminar most definitely helped us to realise how much attention to detail has gone into our house and why you guys build such great homes.” Chris Schalk and Steve Willdin 

How The Building Information Seminars Started

We started the seminars two years ago for new clients but gradually we found that news about them had spread and we were receiving telephone calls from people who had not signed up asking if they could attend.

We had no objections. After all, it was great to think we were able to help anybody who wanted to build a home, so we said ‘sure come along’.

It’s just another reason why we have so many happy customers.

What Is Discussed At The Building Seminar

During the home building information seminar, Bruce talks about the different phases people go through in building a home, from when they first decide to build a home right through to the 12 months after they have moved in. The presentation contains photographs so that you can readily grasp the building processes Bruce is explaining.

The seminars were originally intended to help new clients who had started to build with Grady Homes, so this is still a focus on those issues which are of importance to our customers, but the reality is that those same issues are the very ones that all new home builders want to learn about anyway.

We believe the seminars give prospective customers and as well as our valued existing clients a sound understanding in the process of building a new home in Townsville and how we can help them enjoy the construction process of their new home.

No Such Thing As A ‘Silly’ Question

These information seminars are not just a lecture about building a house. Guests are given every opportunity to ask questions and receive answers to their home building enquiries. We  often find that the questions one person asks are of value to others, so there is an exchange of ideas that we feel is very positive.

It’s obvious too that some people are reluctant to ask questions because they feel they may make fools of themselves, but in the building industry there is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question.

When & Where Are The Seminars Held?

We host the seminars twice a month at the Grady Homes Head Office at 441 Bayswater Road, Garbutt. They start at 5:30 to cater for those working full time and generally run for about 2.5 hours.

Registration is quick and easy. Click below to register your interest in attending one of our upcoming Free Building Information Seminars.