What are the Grady colour boards?

The Grady First Colour Boards are professionally selected colour schemes that an entire modern house can be built from.

Through the use of the Grady First process and the selection of a colour board, you are saved the guesswork and time required for designing and choosing the colour scheme for your home, as every colour, tile and texture is already selected and available on each of the colour boards.

The boards were designed to offer a comprehensive yet simpler, more efficient and cost effective alternative to choosing every colour, fixture and fitting for your home as many clients find the prospect of choosing every shade of paint for the house, then matching it with tiles, carpets, stone, laminate and other furnishings just too overwhelming.

If you do want to choose all the colours, fittings and furnishings for your new house then our Grady Select packages are what you are looking for. Grady Select homes offer the ultimate in choice, click here for details.

All Grady Homes display homes are built from one of our current colour boards as examples, and every colour board is formulated in consultation with a professional interior designer from The Coloured House in Townsville. Inside our display homes, your consultant can show and explain to you the current colour boards (there is usually 8), they look similar to this:


By choosing a colour board, Grady Homes is able to ensure that the price and availability of the colour selections such as carpets, tiles, roofing and paint choices are fixed and not subject to your own personal selections at a later time.