The Grady First Home Building Process

The Grady First Home Building Process

“We Make Home Ownership Easy”

This building experience offers a simplified selection and build process. This option offers the most affordable and easy process of deciding what home design you would like, what professionally chosen colour scheme you would like, and which fixture and fittings you would like from our recommended range of products.

What’s Included? What Are The Benefits?

  • Saves you money; choosing a pre-determined colour board of interior selections means that we can provide better prices to complete your home without compromising on quality;
  • Saves you time with fewer meetings and decisions required before and during construction;
  • Simple colour scheme selection and fixtures and fittings selection process. It doesn’t get any easier than choosing from the professionally produced colour palettes created by an interior stylist from The Coloured House and our own experienced staff;
  • The removal of many ‘personal choice’ items, saves you from having to make “too many” decisions, and removing the risk of having to pay more which happens when people are not careful with such decisions.
  • A pre-determined electrical layout for each house design, with the ability to add additional points as required;
  • Ample PC Allowances for cabinetry and landscaping etc so you are less likely to go over your budget without missing out on what you need in your home;
  • You will receive your very own selection sample bag which contains samples of each of the tiles and carpets you have chosen for your new home as well a booklet complete with all of the details of your interior and exterior selections. You can then show your friends and family the selections you have made for your new home while your home is being built. The selection sample bag is also handy for matching blinds/curtains or other extra accessories you may wish to have in your home without having to wait until your home is finished to match colours.
  • You get to customise and design your kitchen, vanities, study nook and laundry with a cabinetry specialist at Ross Joinery;
  • You meet with the landscaper on-site at your home a few weeks before completion to discuss and design your landscaping plans and outline irrigation requirements;
  • Assistance with land and plan selection with our experienced consultants;
  • Less fuss during construction, as all interior selections have been made prior to commencement of build;
  • Less money, less stress………Just sit back and relax!

Examples from the Grady First Inclusions Booklet

The Grady First inclusions booklet is presented during your consultations with our sales team and includes a wide range of features, fittings and fixtures including standard ranges and upgrade options to enable you customise your home easily without having to visit countless shops, shop around for best prices, and match fittings throughout the home. All the research has been done for you! Take a look at some examples from inside the Grady First Home Inclusions booklet.

Please note that only a sample of options have been shown here and options included in the booklet can change throughout the year as new products come to market and design trends change. If you don’t see something you like, talk with your sales consultant about options to include your desired item/s.

Get ALL Of The Details

For more information on building a Grady First home and all of the fantastic Grady First inclusions contact our office or visit one of our display homes to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants.