Grady Invest – Helping You Build Investment Properties

Grady Invest – Helping You Build Investment Properties

Grady Invest build investment properties in Townsville


The Grady Invest option also benefits from the Grady First simplified selection and build process. Grady Invest is the best option for anyone looking for an easy way to invest in property in Townsville.

This offering has been carefully designed from the feedback of rental property managers, Grady Homes’ experience, and investor requests. A Grady Invest home means a landlord- and tenant-friendly property, and we work with property managers to secure tenants prior to completion. To assist with tax returns and variations, we supply a full depreciation schedule after the hand-over of the new investment property.

The simple production process of our Grady Invest product means that you won’t waste your time selecting flooring, colours and fittings for the home, and our 5 month build promise means that you can relax knowing exactly when your investment will be ready to put on the market to start paying for itself.

With the Grady Invest options, we can help you achieve your property investment goals – whether you are looking at negative gearing or passive income.

Contact Us for more information about Grady Invest options and opportunities within your budget or estate of choice.

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Property Investment – How can it benefit you?

Make the Tax Man Work for You

tax-man-nest-eggYou work hard for your money. Why throw it away?


There are two options when it comes to paying tax. You can work hard and give it all to the government or work smart and invest so you drastically reduce your taxable income.

Sadly, not knowing how to utilise this means many choose their comfort zone at the expense of their future.

Can't Afford Your First Home But Want To Get Your Foot In The Door Of The Property Market

foot-in-door-property-marketTired of being stuck in the rental trap but can’t afford the repayments for your own home?

Why not have someone else pay it off for you?

By building an investment property not only is your tenant paying off a big chunk of your investment (that’s growing in value) but the tax man is also helping out a great deal through tax benefits.

Build Your Nest Egg With Property

retirement-investment-nest-eggYou have worked hard all your life…. you deserve to retire comfortably …. but will you really be able to?

You certainly won’t if you are going to be relying on the pension. By just chipping in a little bit over and above the tenant and tax man contributions to an investment home today, you are securing an increasing passive income source for the future.

I Know Property Can Be Good But I Want To Do Some Research

ideas-property-rental-investmentYou have seen that over time property will always increase in value, you like the idea of someone else paying off an investment for you and you know that the longer you wait, the more it will cost you and not just in lost rental income!

You will appreciate our free information booklet that outlines the essential (and sadly the often overlooked) points to consider when deciding if investing in property is right for you.