Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Functional and efficient cooling is essential to living in North Queensland. As summer comes to an end, April is the perfect time to check and clean your air-conditioners (even the ones you haven’t used) to keep them in optimal condition. Also before Summer kicks in, it is a really good idea to check your air-conditioners are in good condition ready for everyday use over the hottest months of the year.

We recommend monthly:

  • Monthly cleaning of internal unit covers and filters using clean water. (If unit is used regularly.)
  • Monthly checks of the external units. For box air-conditioners check that the drain is clean and that there are no blockages.
  • Monthly check of external frog-flaps and drains to ensure water can escape freely for split system air-conditioners.

We recommend annually:

  • A thorough professional clean of all units to remove traces of mould, dust and grime from within the unit.
  • Change battery in remotes annually to avoid corrosion.

Remember: A clean air-conditioner saves electricity!

HOT TIP: Warranty agents get flooded with work requests once summer kicks in and everyone starts using their air-conditioners again. This can result in them becoming booked solid many weeks in advance (often over the Christmas holiday period). That’s why we recommend you check your air-conditioners before summer – to ensure if there is an issue, you can have it resolved without any unnecessary delays.

Defects and Warranty

Air-conditioners installed in your new Grady home are covered by a 5 year warranty period (depending on the fault). Keeping your air-conditioners serviced and clean regularly is a great way to notice defects well before they advance and cause issues. Air-conditioning problems caused by lack of maintenance are expressly not covered by your air-conditioner warranty.

The last thing you want is to turn your air-conditioner on in the heat of summer to find out that it’s faulty and have to wait for it to be repaired, so if you haven’t checked them all in a while, take some time today to organise them to be cleaned and serviced by a local service.

If you do experience any issues with your Grady Homes installed air-conditioner, contact our in-house defect and warranty officer and they will promptly assist you with your concerns.