How To Maintain Your Irrigation System

How To Maintain Your Irrigation System

An automatic sprinkler system that is not properly maintained will waste water and be a detriment to the upkeep of your garden.

Check that your watering times suit your yard and that there is not excessive run off. You may have to reduce or increase watering times as you move through the different seasons.

Watering very early in the morning is best so that the cycle can be completed outside of peak usage times.

Faulty irrigation can be expensive waste of water and a detriment to your landscaping.

Potential reasons the sprinkler isn’t working:

  • damage from a vehicle, mower or whippersnipper;
  • damage from pets or children;
  • blockage to pipe from plants or debris;
  • failure of sprinkler head.

A quarterly check of your irrigation system is recommended to check for leaks and optimal water release.

Bruce Grady’s Quarterly Irrigation Maintenance Checklist

  • In the irrigation control box, check that the date and time is correct.
  • Check that the watering start times are correct. 1.30am-2.30am in summer, and 4-5am in winter are the best times.
  • Check that the watering times for each station is correct. Reduced times may be required in cooler/wetter months.
  • Run each station so that you can make sure that all of the sprays are working correctly and unblock, repair and replace any sprinkler heads or pipes that aren’t working properly.