How To Replace Silicone Seals in Bathrooms

How To Replace Silicone Seals in Bathrooms

Leaks are a fairly common issue in both old and new bathrooms, often it’s because the silicone needs replacing. Silicone needs to be replaced, especially in showers, every 4-6 years.

Not only are leaks dangerous, they can cause nasty damage to your home down the track. Look for signs of silicone leaks such as swollen skirting boards and damp patches or mildew on the walls.

The good news is that it’s easy to remove old silicone and update with a new waterproof silicone sealant. Using the right sealant with an in-built fungicide will help stop mould spots and leaks from coming back.

Bruce Grady recommends: Hiring a licensed plumber or handyman to complete the task, or if you like to DIY, research and follow the instructions provided via video or product used.