How To Care For Stone Bench Tops
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How To Care For Stone Bench Tops

Many of our new client homes are being built with 20-40mm stone bench tops to the kitchen and vanities. While stone surfaces may look robust and impenetrable, there are a few manufacturer recommendations to keep your stone in tip-top condition and to avoid irreparable damage.

  1. Do not place hot items directly on to the surface – use a board or cooling tray
  2. Do not cut food directly on the surface as this can cause scratches in the surfaces which can encourage staining
  3. Regularly use a damp cloth or paper towel to remove dirt, grime and liquids
  4. Clean up spills and marks promptly to avoid staining the stone
  5. For a deeper clean try spraying with a multi-purpose cleaner like Spray’n’Wipe or a non-abrasive cleansing cream
  6. DO NOT use caustic cleaning chemicals such as bleach, gumption or domestos. This type of cleaner is highly acidic and abrasive and can damage the surface.
  7. Avoid using abrasive sponges, oven cleaner, harsh bathroom cleaners
  8. Use a specialised stone-care spray once a week to maintain the look of your stone – We recommend Lithofin products

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