Acreage House Plan Designs

Acreage House Plan Designs

As acreage house plan designs are often highly customised to each client’s personal preferences as well as the orientation of the acreage site chosen, we do not have any “standard” acreage house plan designs on our website. We do however have an array of suitable acreage house plan designs in our office from planning for previous builds.

Our New Homes Specialists in our display homes can show you a range of existing acreage house plan designs suited to a variety of acreage block sizes and orientations with a variety of facade and layout designs to suit all lifestyles.

Simply contact our office to arrange an appointment with a consultant to:

  • Discuss the block of acreage land in mind for your new home
  • Discuss any covenants that may apply to your acreage home design
  • Discuss your house size, rooms required and other interior room preferences
  • Discuss budget for the build project

By answering these four aspects, your Grady consultant can find existing acreage floor plans that suit your requirements, or they can also customise a house plan to create your ideal acreage house design.

So let us know today how we can help you create and build your ideal acreage home. Click here to find out more about building on acreage.