How we build your new Townsville home

At Grady Homes we offer 3 service offerings to build the house you want, at the right price, in the area of your choice. These service offerings are Grady First, Grady Select and Grady Invest.

Regardless of offering you still receive the same quality build, same quality service, and same guarantees that we are known and respected for.

Find out which build service is right for you below, or contact a consultant for advice.

Which home building option is right for you?


We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Pick your plan, choose your land, select one of our professionally created colour schemes.

  • Saves you time and money
  • Interior selections made easy
  • Quicker pre-construction process
  • Ample PC allowances for inclusions
  • Assistance with land and plan selection
  • Ability to choose and upgrade inclusions from our range of quality fittings
  • Same great service, guarantees and experience that Grady Homes are recommended for


Offering you the ultimate in choice and control when it comes to building your home.

  • Assistance with land selection and plan customisation
  • Additional PC allowances for premium inclusions
  • 1-on-1 consultation with an interior specialist to customise your interior
    and exterior selections
  • Additional on-site meetings throughout the build with tradesmen and building professionals
  • Same great service, guarantees and experience that Grady Homes are recommended for


Helping you build a solid future through property investment.

  • All of the Grady First benefits
  • Simplified selection and build process
  • Saves you time and money
  • A landlord & tenant-friendly property
  • Full depreciation schedule
  • Assistance with land and plan selection
  • Same great service, guarantees and experience that Grady Homes are recommended for
  • We work with property managers to secure a tenant prior to completion


The 7 Stages Of Building Your New Townsville Home

1. Site Testing & Earthworks
Includes soil testing, site leveling and clearing ready for construction. We also notify neighbours of the upcoming construction and erect a sign with our contact details should anyone have any issues with what is happening on-site.

2. Slab Stage
Includes measuring out the design on the site. Digging, setup and pouring of footings. Under slab drainage, moisture barrier and Termimesh put in place followed by completion of foundation slab.

This stage takes approx. 2 weeks.

3. Frame Stage
Includes construction of external and internal walls with reinforcing steel and conduit for electrical wiring and pipes for plumbing. Installation of roof frame, fascia and gutters, insulation, roof sheeting and trims.

This stage takes approx. 4 weeks.

4. Lock-Up Stage
Includes installation of pipes and wiring, plasterboard to internal walls is erected, the sheeting of gables, eaves, porch and patio ceilings completed, external walls rendered, and the external doors, sliding glass doors and windows are installed.

This stage takes approx. 4 weeks.

5. Pre-Paint Stage
Includes plastering plasterboard joins, installing the cornice, waterproofing, laying tiles, installation of cabinetry, skirting, architraves, doors, jambs, reveals, shelving, box air-conditioners, and pouring of driveway/paths.

This stage takes approx. 5-6 weeks.

6. Practical Completion
Includes all painting, fencing, landscaping, turf and irrigation. Installation of floor coverings, glass, doors, screens, clothes line, letter box, and all fittings. The site is then cleared of waste and a final inspection, house clean and detail are completed before handover.

This stage takes approx. 7-8 weeks.

7. The Great Service Continues…
We want to ensure you stay happy with your home well after you move in. As anyone who has built with us before knows, you are just as important to us once you have moved into your home as you are whilst your home is under construction. With that in mind, we provide you with a Grady Homes “Moving in Pack” full of helpful information on keeping your home looking good; and you benefit from the industry leading Grady Homes “Defect Warranty” policy.

All of us at Grady Homes are committed to ensure you “Enjoy the Experience” of building your new home, and that you will then, “Enjoy the Experience” of living in your new Grady Home.

All time frames documented in these stages are approximates based on our completion time frames provided we do not experience inclement weather.


For many years, Grady Homes offered one product only, Grady Select, offering infinite flexibility in design, choice and consultation. Then pressure came from the property market to provide other product options for building a new home at other price points. When this happened, we asked ourselves the following question:

How can we make our homes more affordable without compromising on…

  • The same quality of home we are famous for
  • The same exceptional service that we are loved for
  • The same unmatched warranty service
  • And NOT reduce the size of the home

Being a service-focused company, we looked at areas where we could modify and simplify what we do to better serve our customers.

The three focus areas for us were…

  • The time taken by drafting and estimating to modify/customize house plans and to document changes to the homes customers bought;
  • The time involved in working with the client during selection process and construction administration; and
  • The time taken to document changes after the sale is made.

Using these points as a basis for change, we introduced two new offerings to our clients: Grady First & Grady Invest.

THE RESULT… Same Plan, Same Quality, Same Builder … But the client controls how much money and time they save, without compromising on choice!!

Regardless of which Grady Homes product you purchase you will receive the following:

  • A home that’s built according to the Grady Homes Scheduled Build – on time and built to our high quality standards
  • A free building information seminar with Bruce Grady which runs through what to expect during the build of your home and offers another face-to-face opportunity for you to ask any questions
  • A goodie bag with samples of your carpet, paint and tiles selections; plus a booklet highlighting your choices in fixtures and fittings in your new home
  • Kitchen Cabinets by our award-winning partner cabinetmakers – Ross Joinery Townsville. Each kitchen designed for efficiency yet still personalised according to lifestyle and budget
  • Notification letters sent out to you at the start of every build phase to inform you of what will be happening next and what to expect
  • A single point of contact, our Client Coordinator, to handle any questions throughout the build
  • Scheduled site meetings with the Site Manager (2 for Grady First & Grady Invest clients and up to 6 for Grady Select clients)
  • If fencing is included, Grady Homes source the neighbours’ details, issue approval letters and invoices for their share of the fence, and give all details to the client at the hand-over of their new home
  • A meeting with Andrew, our Turf, Irrigation and Landscaping Legend, to confirm the quantity and location of any turfing, irrigation and landscaping
  • A walk-through with one of our senior team members prior to hand-over to document any issues or concerns and to demonstrate how certain things work and even to highlight some of the areas where you need to keep an eye on for maintenance etc.
  • Handover pack with a Grady Homes New Homes Owners Manual, house keys and remotes, manufacturers warranties for various appliances, and Termimesh Warranty Certificates
  • 12 month Grady defect warranty
  • Fully transferable Lifetime Structural Guarantee
  • Scheduled after-handover maintenance follow-ups for 12 months to ensure everything in your home is still as it should be.

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