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Low Deposit New Homes

There are a number of ways to get a home loan and build a new house even when you haven’t saved much in the way of a deposit.

So, if you want to own your own home but are struggling to save your house deposit, we can help you!

The Grady Homes Home Ownership program is an initiative that helps first home buyers get out of the rent cycle and into their very own, brand new home.

Through the program, First Home Buyers are guided through all of the financial jargon, educated about clever ways to save their necessary house deposit, paired with reputable low deposit home loan options, as well as assisted through the development of an ideal house and land package to suit their budget.


We know many First Home Buyers often find themselves struggling to save the required house deposit when they are still paying rent, so we have designed our Home Ownership program specifically to help overcome this hurdle.

Through our program, many of our clients with low deposit have been quite surprised that they qualify for a home loan with a reputable lender. Could you be the same? Book a complimentary borrowing capacity assessment now.

Use the form below to apply and discover for yourself what our team can do for you – even if you have little to low deposit.

Before you know it, you just might be living in your very own beautiful brand new Grady home!  Imagine that……

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Not a first home buyer?
Request a complimentary consultation with our recommended home loan broker to discuss your finance options.




The Grady Homes exclusive Home Ownership program is an initiative that brings together all of the most important elements required for first home ownership: the financier, the land developer and of course the home builder; and enables qualified home buyers* to start their journey towards owning their own home.

If you would like to build your first home but have little savings or low deposit, we can help you get started. No longer do you have to watch the price of new homes keep rising faster than you can save a deposit.


Our associated broker, Rob Frew at Salt & Pepper Home Loans, has extensive knowledge and experience, many connections with reputable home loan lenders, and access to many home loan products with flexible lending policies specifically suited to first home buyers with a low deposit.

For example, our broker can advise you on the most suitable lenders that will allow the First Home Owners Grant to be used towards your land purchase or even lenders that will consider qualifying rental payment history towards meeting genuine savings requirements.

Everyone’s needs are different and Rob Frew has the experience to decipher the best options available from a large network of lenders to find the most suitable solution for each client.

“It has been such a great experience working together with Rob. We wouldn’t be building our first home without all of his support in applying for the home loan. He definitely made what seems like a daunting process, a complete breeze.” – Hayley & Craig Wright

Read client feedback about working with Salt & Pepper Home Loans.


There are more and more low deposit home loan options being promoted these days. It is extremely important to do thorough research as many of these offers may actually limit your choice of land locations or home designs. This is not the case at Grady Homes.

Finance choices are also often limited to only specialist lenders that have higher interest rates and fees than main bank lenders. Again, this is not the case at Grady Homes.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the possibility of building your first home, but don’t get stuck with a bad home loan thinking you can just refinance it later if you are not completely happy now.

As a first home buyer with a low deposit it will take many years to build up enough equity in your new home for you to be able to refinance your loan to a better product, so it’s essential to get the right advice and make informed choices when choosing the right home loan.

Our associated mortgage broker, Rob Frew, can help you with all of these details to find the best loan products for you.

“Honestly I wasn’t really sure if we were eligible for a new loan, but Rob sorted out all the painful stuff. His service and response time to questions was impeccable, professional and accurate. Rob knew exactly every detail of the requirements, the processes and knew every answer to every question. He was very assuring through the whole process. Could not be happier.”


Use the form below to begin the application process. After submission, a Grady New Homes consultant (or our finance broker) will contact you to discuss your next steps towards home ownership.

You will work closely with our associated finance broker, Rob Frew, to tailor a finance solution best suited to your individual needs and budget.  To do this, Rob meticulously reviews and compares your circumstances with the various lenders policies and criteria.

“Rob has been so helpful right from the start. Did talk to another broker before in which we left feeling even more confused. One appointment with Rob and it was a breath of fresh air. We understood everything and left feeling more confident.” – Jamie Stanbrook

N.B. –  Many Brokers do not take the care required here and we have heard too many stories about people who have had finance refused just because the broker submitted an application to the wrong lender.  The worst thing about that, is if you subsequently apply to another lender, who would normally approve your application, they will discover in their searches that you have already been refused finance and this can make it more difficult to get approval.

You will then work with a Grady New Homes Consultant to choose your ideal home site from a great choice of land in some of the nicest housing estates in Townsville.

Working with your Grady Consultant, you will pair your chosen block with a suited home design and select your inclusions. As a multi award-winning local builder, we guarantee quality, style and serviceJust ask our clients!

“(When sourcing home loan finance) the first question should be “When can I get in to see Rob Frew?” and then there aren’t really any more questions because he is just so brilliant and knowledgeable!” – Willow Jobst


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