Service After Hand-Over

Service After Hand-Over

You will be amazed at the service you continue to receive from Grady Homes long after we hand over your new home!

Our after hand over service is another thing that sets Grady Homes apart from other Townsville builders. It is our commitment to ensuring we not only present you with a beautiful home, but ensuring we address any defects you may encounter long after you move in to, or rent out, your home.

Our quality control measures during the build process are designed to ensure few, if any, defects arise. However, if there is a defect, it is important you know it will be managed promptly and with diligence. Our team is available to promptly answer your questions via email or phone, and we also run periodic checks in the 12 months following hand-over to ensure you are still completely happy with your new home.

Our after hand-over service includes:

  • One point of contact with someone to answer your call and promptly manage your query should you ever have a problem or a question
  • 12 Month Defect Warranty
  • Fully transferrable Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Proactive customer care through scheduled maintenance follow ups
  • A commitment to resolving requests quickly and professionally
  • Dedicated staff and contractors who strive to ensure that you Enjoy The Grady Experience long after the build is complete


We don’t just follow industry standards….. we exceed them.

Your new home is covered under warranty for a full year after hand-over.

The QBCC 12 month warranty period covers a full year of seasonal change which allows the defects, if any, to arise during the warranty period.

For example, it is not uncommon for plasterboard or cornice to develop cracks, particularly where sheets are joined or where cornice attaches to the ceiling or walls. This is because all homes will experience some movement, especially in our humid climate where we can sometimes have a lot of rain during the wet season and then experience very dry weather during the winter. Plasterboard sheeting and cornice are not flexible materials and therefore as the house settles, there may be some movement-related cracking.

We cover you for the 12 Month Product Warranty period, as the house will have experienced a full year of seasonal changes and therefore the majority of movement should have occurred in this period.

Proactive Customer Care

Something un-heard of in the building industry!

Grady Homes prides itself on being proactive in resolving any customer issues and we  actually contact you after handover to ask you if there are any items for us to look into.

As most people prefer us to tackle the few defect issues that may arise in the least number of visits as possible, our Customer Care Program provides two primary follow ups for defect rectification. We have found handling defects this way, rather than attending to them as they arise, minimises inconvenience and/or “intrusion” into your new home. Of course, if anything pops up in the mean time that you would like rectified we are only ever a phone call or email away.

The 2 primary follow ups from Grady Homes are at 2 months after hand over, and our 12 month rectification follow up is at around 10 months after you take ownership of your new home.

So when did 12 months become 10 months? We do this to ensure that any defect items with a 12 month manufacturers warranty, typically electrical items and the like, are reported before the warranty period lapses. (The warranty period starts from the date of our invoice from the supplier.)



A Commitment to Resolving Requests Quickly

We don’t just talk the talk. At Grady Homes our Product Warranty Policy clearly outlines the timeframes in which we will rectify any warranty items. This actually forms part of our contract with you.

The following is an excerpt from our Product Warranty Policy detailing what happens from the moment you make a warranty request.

Day 1 & 2 – We receive your written “Request to Rectify”. We follow up with the construction team for direction on how to handle this request and what trades may be involved. We then assign the work order to the applicable trade. The tradesman then has 48hrs to make contact with you and arrange a suitable time to attend.

Day 3 or 4 – Contact to be made with you to arrange access for the work to be carried out within the following 3 working days. If further tradesmen are required to complete the works, Grady Homes will be notified by the initial tradesman that his work is done so we can arrange the next tradesman, who will make contact as per the process above.


Day 5, 6 or 7 – Works are finalised and completed.

Day 7 or 8 – The tradesman notifies Grady’s that the defect issue has been resolved.

Day 9 – We confirm with you that the work has been carried out satisfactorily and the request is closed.

One Point Of Contact – NO RUN AROUND!

The infamous ‘run around’ is so common in the building industry and we know just how frustrating it can be. That’s why we ensure you not only have one point of contact throughout the build, but also once your home has handed over as well.

Our Product Warranty manager is committed to keeping you (and/ or your property manager) in the loop.

Your Dedicated Defect & Warranty Contact

Your one point of call for all warranty and defect related enquiries is Jemma, who is available Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm to address any issues you may face with your new Grady home. You can email Jemma at or phone our office.



Fully Transferable Lifetime Structural Warranty

You can feel secure with a lifetime structural warranty backed by a builder who has been and will continue to be in the industry long enough to support it!

This guarantee is fully transferable because we believe the quality of our materials and workmanship shouldn’t be affected by the name on a title document.

As you would expect of a company voted North Queensland’s Most Professional Builder, Grady Homes unequivocally guarantees that your home will be built in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards. These standards are typically designed to ensure the primary structural components of your home are sound for a minimum of 50 years, defined as the ‘lifetime’ of a structure.

In addition, your peace of mind when you build a Grady Home extends further… To all the subsidiary components in your home. To ensure this extra level of protection, all subsidiary components are sourced from reputable manufacturers, each with its own guarantees and/or warranty.

Your best guarantee of course, is dealing with a reputable local family company that has served its customers with integrity and distinction for many years. In the case of Grady Homes, that length of service spans over 60 years. And in an industry where many builders just don’t last the distance, often less than 5 or 10 years, it’s comforting to know Grady Homes will be.