Do you know someone that still cannot live in their home due to flood damage?

I am amazed that there are still a number of flood affected locals who are not only still not living in their homes, but who are still trying to resolve the insurance claim and have a builder start the restoration work.

Do you know someone stuck in this situation?

Grady Homes are able to lend a hand to get a few more families back into their homes sooner rather than later.

Initially we were not intending to take on any flood restoration work, but after being approached by a few previous clients and seeing how badly things were going for them, we agreed to look after them.

And now, having helped them through the claims and rebuilding process, we have decided to offer that same service to others.

If you know someone who is still trying to get work started on their flood-affected home, please share our invitation to come to us for assistance.

We found that by working closely with our clients and their insurers we are able to achieve:

  • the best possible outcome
  • with the least amount of stress
  • in the shortest possible time.

We make sure the “scope of works” covers everything it should, and once we help get that final insurance approval, we can start work in a matter of days!

We’re also using our regular, trusted and reliable local tradesmen to carry out the work on site. So that there’s the extra confidence of having Grady Homes, Townsville’s favourite builder for over 60 years, look after the restoration work.

After all, when the work is done, we believe you should not only be happy to back in your home, but happy with the workmanship too.

If your insurance claim is still not finalised; or you’re still on a waiting list for your home restoration to start; we would love to help and get things moving for you. 

Fill in the form on this page to get things started or feel free to contact us direct on (07) 4795 0900.

Feel free to share this invitation with anyone you know who needs this extra support with rebuilding after the flood – without the extra stress!



Geoff Caldwell, Managing Director

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