A desire to be a builder of choice.


When John Grady started building homes way back in 1956, he wanted to be Townsville’s builder of choice.

John Grady and his family have always been quick to adopt modern construction materials and technology to provide the best possible value for money in their homes. However something that hasn’t changed are John Grady’s business principles. Over the years these principles have been refined and still form the core of how Grady Homes conducts its business, and the building blocks for our solid reputation for fine quality and delighted customers.

Our vision, just like when John started, is to serve our clients in a friendly, enthusiastic, caring, professional way, while ensuring we deliver a high quality product. This vision is shared by every member of the Grady team, who take on individual responsibility in ensuring each client enjoys their experience with Grady Homes, right through the process of choosing… building… and moving into their new Grady Home.

Today, more than 60 years later John and his family can proudly boast that they have become Townsville’s No. 1 “Builder of Choice”. A fact first shown in the 2009/2010 annual report on the Building Services Authority website (now QBCC), and a reputation maintained ever since.


Whether you are building a new home for you, your growing family, a first home, or an investment property, you need to make some important decisions in choosing a builder. First and foremost, you want a home builder with a solid reputation who consistently delights clients with EXACTLY the new home they dreamt they would have.

You’ll want a builder who has a quality range of display homes, so you can gather inspiration on floor plans, colour schemes, innovative ideas and workmanship. Above all, you will want to know that when you DO build, you will be kept informed throughout the entire building process, and that your new home will be completed on time and on budget!

Grady Homes is a builder that has always delivered on these things. Guaranteed. In Writing.

But don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say.

It’s the little things we do

We value our clients

Clients find building FUN!

Our Core Values

Honour, Trust & Reliability

Call us old school if you like, but if you place your trust in us to build your home, we will honour that trust.

It’s the reason we are so careful about making sure you know exactly what is in the contract;

It’s the reason we keep you informed throughout the process;

It’s the reason we carefully schedule every job to finish on time;

It’s the reason we spend so much time and money developing our systems and processes to make sure things go smoothly for you and for us;

It’s the reason we have been in business for so many years, and

It’s the reason so many of our customers not only refer family and friends to us, but build with us again and again.

Sure, call us old school, but why not see how we can help you build a brand new home for yourself, or for an investment home that will help you build a solid future.

Promises are made to be kept

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. The fact is that it is much easier to make promises than to keep them. Builders would “like” to keep their customers happy. But good intentions alone are not enough. You have to back up those good intentions, (and promises/guarantees) with some “serious intent” and careful management.

Many good tradesmen, decide they want to become a builder. Unfortunately, managing a “growing” building company has got nothing to do with being a good tradesman, and disaster is the common result. And a guarantee is worth nothing if the company has gone broke; in fact, if you choose the wrong company, there is no guarantee that they will even “finish” the home.

Most people find comfort in the fact that Grady Homes has been around for over 60 years. It is easy to see how a guarantee from Grady Homes is more “valid” than a guarantee from some builder who has only been in business for 10 years or less.

We are Upfront and Informative

At Grady Homes, we believe that there are three words that a builder should never hear: “I thought that…”

Yes these three words normally mean something isn’t quite as the client expected and you can be pretty sure it is going to lead to disappointment somewhere. So we do everything we can to eliminate the “I thought that’s”.

‘I thought that this was included… ‘
‘I thought that you were doing this… ‘
‘I thought it would only take this long… ‘

Make no mistake, most builders don’t set out to deliberately mislead their customers, but their “innocent oversights” do cause disappointment.

We explain everything up front and keep you informed throughout your build. We even have an information evening to explain exactly how things will work as we build your brand new Grady home.

Why so many Townsville families
build with Grady Homes

Refined processes for streamlined project delivery

You have probably heard how building can be a nightmare. At Grady Homes we have a story about “Three Houses“.

The story is based on the fact that for every home sold by any builder, there are actually three houses:

  • The house the builder thought they sold;
  • The house the client thought they bought; and
  • The house that actually gets built.

With this in mind we have carefully developed and refined systems and processes, as well as extensive staff training to ensure that these 3 houses are exactly the same, so that our clients may have a fairy-tale ending rather than the all too common nightmare experience.

Informative: Before, During & After

Our belief is that the more informed our clients are, the better their experience will be.

That is why we run monthly info seminars – knowledge is power and we want you to make fully informed decisions right through the process of choosing and building your brand new home. Whilst some relish in ignorance, we aim to educate and nurture.

We know that building a new home can be an exciting yet stressful time – our aim is to remove as much of that stress as possible.

We won’t just help find the design to suit you and your wants, needs and budget. Our team of experts can help you to find the perfect home site that ticks all the boxes, whilst avoiding the nasties like sewer lines.

Guarantees to protect you at every step

5 Month Build Guarantee
We guarantee that your new home will be built in 5 months.

Fixed Price Contract
No nasty surprises at the end of the project!

Lifetime Structural Warranty
Know that your home is designed to last. And if it’s not, we’ll fix it!

12 Month Defect Warranty
After you move in, if things aren’t quite right, we’ll fix it!

Read more about our Grady Guarantees and post-handover support.

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Only As Good As The Company We Keep

That is why we are so selective with our tradesmen, our employees, our suppliers, our designers, land developers, finance providers and so on.

All of these people contribute to the quality of the homes and the experience we provide our customers.

In House Drafting Team

In-house Drafting Team

Grady Homes have an in-house team of qualified professionals who share the ‘Grady Mindset’ in knowing the level of care and attention to even the smallest details that are required to deliver our clients with functional, practical and sustainable homes that our clients can continue to enjoy for a lifetime.


Happy Workers, Happy Clients

We look after our tradesmen, our employees and our suppliers so they are as keen to do a great job for our clients as we are.

John Grady always said, “Treat ’em right, pay ’em on time, and they will always produce their best work”. Sure helps to deliver a quality product on time every time.

Portrait of Young couple looking at the blueprints of their new home

Don’t just take our word for it…

It’s very easy to make many of the statements you see on our website, but it takes a true commitment, correct processes and a brilliant, like-minded team to actually deliver on these consistently… for every client and every home.

That’s why we don’t want you to just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about working with Grady Homes, or contact us for a list of suppliers that you can speak to for an unbiased professional opinion.

Make your new home, a Grady home. Send Enquiry →