We keep your build project running smoothly with our easy access Client Portal.

Available on phone or desktop, our client portal is a huge time-saver for managing and checking in on the construction of your new home on the go.

Client Portal Login

You’ll LOVE our Client Portal because it makes building your new home a breeze. You can use it to…

  • have open and prompt communication with the team.

  • keep all of your build documentation in one place.

  • see your budget, inclusions and plans at a glance.

  • make selections within your budget in one place.

  • digitally sign and approve documentation on the go.

  • arrange trade appointments (including warranty items) online.

  • view your build calendar to see what’s happening now and next.

  • check progress notes and photos throughout your build.

  • No more emailing back and forth.

  • No more searching through emails and files to find a copy of your plans or latest change request.

  • No more having to visit the office in person to sign documents.

Client Portal Build Your Home Townsville

All the information you need.
Conveniently in one place.
Accessible 24/7 from wherever you are!

6 Client Portal Features Our Clients LOVE

Documentation All In One Place

Know what you’re getting, when you’re getting it.

All of your build documentation is kept in one place for easy reference, no more searching through emails to find what you need. Floor plans, contracts, change orders, selections, approval documents… it’s all kept here to make your life (and ours) so much easier.

Very handy when you’re out and about choosing fittings and furniture for you new place and you need to check sizing on your floor plans!

Check Warranties & Book Defect Fixes

With all of your documentation in one place, it’s easy for you to track down any files you need for warranties (in the unlikely event you’ll need to use them).You’ll also have access to send through any defect amendment requests, book in defect-fix appointments with trades, and track progress on your repairs. How good is that?!

Selections Made Easy

Pick and mix inclusions online against your budget

With our completely digital selections tool you don’t need to keep asking “What does this cost” or wondering “Will this be in my budget?” because you’ll have all the info in front of you.

At Grady Homes we don’t offer “standard” or set inclusions, instead we provide you with an allowance based on our most popular products (not cheapest) so that you can pick the inclusions you want for your brand new home.

In our online selections tool you can see your contract allowance, browse the extensive range of inclusions available from local suppliers (pricing, photos and info all there at your fingertips), and choose what you want to spend your budget on. You can even add notes for yourself and our team with any points of consideration, reminders, or questions, so you always have the communication for reference.

Then as the build progresses, you can easily see what selections you made and approved so there is no more guess work or time wasted trawling through your files trying to remember what inclusions you decided on a few months ago!

Submit Forms & Approvals On The Go

Approve and sign documentation on the go, no more hold-ups, printing or visiting the office!

We’ve noticed a growing number of clients interstate, or where one partner is regularly out of town, or families who are really busy juggling kids and working long hours… which makes it quite difficult to visit the office to sign-off on paperwork. So, we’ve made signing documents and giving approvals so much easier!

You can now view and approve with digital signatures inside the client portal so that we get what we need quickly and we can keep momentum going on your build. You’ll also find all of your previously approved documentation inside the portal for easy reference too.

Check Progress & Get Photos

See what’s happening and what’s coming next, without having to go to site.

Inside our client portal you’ll find:

  • A project calendar, where you can see what trades are coming in next and when.

  • Progress photos uploaded by your site supervisor throughout the build and a completed home gallery with images of your finished home, complete, clean and ready for you to move in!

  • A space for you to upload your own house photos to keep your build photos all in one place.

  • Ability to post comments on photos, share them to social media, or download and email them to family and friends.

Direct Access Communication Channel

Get your messages seen by the right people, first time.

No waiting for call backs, or getting transferred in circles, or wondering if your message is even being seen…. Inside the Client Portal you can direct message all the right people managing your build including your build supervisor, selections manager, the finance team, administration… whoever the relevant expert is assigned to your project, you can message them directly, and they will message you right back!

Book appointments with your trades in just a few clicks

No more back and forth! Direct message trades to book on-site appointments, or confirm specifics about your job, and you can even book in any defect fix-up jobs post-handover using the same app.

A space to share your thoughts 

We love to share in your excitement throughout the build, so our client portal gives you a direct platform to share comments on your build progress photos. We also like to ensure you’re enjoying your experience with us (and adjust our processes if you’re not), so we use the portal to send periodic digital progress surveys  where you can send us your honest feedback.

Experience our time and stress saving Client Portal for yourself!

Let’s start building your new home…