Townsville House and Land Packages

Townsville House and Land Packages

Depending on which home builder you talk to, the phrase “House and Land Package” will mean something different. Our Townsville house and land packages are based on the best land blocks available in various Townsville estates. Our experienced, in-house design and drafting team analyse these home sites, and using all the great design principles we are known for, select one of our most suitable house plans and pair with quality inclusions to create exceptional house and land packages to suit all budgets.

Our Townsville House and Land Packages make it easy for our customers to see the full cost of the house build, the land, and all of the package inclusions; essentially all of the hard work of thinking and planning is already done for you. Included in the package is the opportunity for customers to personalise the home choosing interior fittings and colour schemes from our expertly selected ranges, and then we can start building the new home.

Fixed price house and land packages make it easier to build your new home

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Townsville House and Land Packages

First Home Buyers deduct the First Home Owner Grant from advertised package prices on this site.


WAS $386,480 NOW $381,480
L6387 Columbus Street, North Shore // Property ID: 620354
4 2 2
Floorplan: Custom Alpha 4 bedroom

WAS: $385,240 NOW: $368,448
L45 Taravale St, Harris Crossing // Property ID: 620238_Q2
3 2 1
Floorplan: Sierra 3c
Land Size: 416 m2
House Size: 147 m2

WAS $400,178 NOW $395,178
L6387 Columbus St, North Shore // Property ID: 620294_Q2
4 2 2
Floorplan: Vienna 2
Land Size: 416 m2

WAS $500,000 NOW $495,100
L118 Arroyo Crt, Elliot Springs // Property ID: 620342
4 2 2
Floorplan: Fairmont 1
Land Size: 707 m2
House Size: 263 m2

WAS: $419,549 NOW: $409,549
L141 Salonika Cct, Bushland Beach // Property ID: 620521
4 2 2
Floorplan: Custom - Portwood
Land Size: 608 m2