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HIA award - Townsville Builder

If you are looking to build a house, we’re sure that by now you’ve heard a variety of home building horror stories … Builders promising completion dates and then constantly coming up with increasingly ‘creative’ excuses for delays; homes still unfinished at handover; ridiculous cost blow outs; and then the constant battle to get problems sorted out after moving in.

Don’t let those stories put you off building a brand new home, but don’t ignore the message in them either.

By choosing Grady Homes as your home builder, you will never have to worry about being let down, disappointed, delayed with empty promises, or hit with extra costs.

Choosing to build with Grady Homes means you have iron-clad builder guarantees and structural warranties. Plus, we look after you long after construction is complete. We have a dedicated defect and warranty manager who promptly resolves any issues that may arise with your home. And, our after hand-over service is highly commended by our customers.

We are so happy to have chosen Grady Homes to help build our future! We’ve looked at many others and none stood out like Grady Homes did. From the presentation of the staff, to the presentation of the displays, and even the amount of information provided to us before we even made the final decision to build with Grady… Everything has been an amazing and stress free process!

Matthew Robson

It has been a wonderful process getting everything sorted. Grady’s really helped to make it fun and exciting rather than just stressful.

Joel & Monica

Incredibly happy with our first home! The staff are wonderful and made the whole process a breeze! We will be recommending to everyone that they build with Grady Homes!

Lewis McMullen

The Grady Guarantees


Fixed Price Contract

Grady Homes provides every client a fixed price build contract. This industry leading initiative is only made possible because of the unique Grady Homes internal operating processes.

For you this means NO additional extras and NO nasty surprises at the end of the build. Every part of your build is always presented up front and clearly documented so that you, your consultant, Grady Homes staff and all of our tradesmen all know exactly what is expected in the project at all times.


Lifetime Structural Guarantee

A guarantee is only of value if it really means something. It’s a sad fact of life that in the home building industry, many builders come and go. So the cautionary saying, ‘It’s-not-worth-the-paper-it’s-written-on’ is a very real concern when a builder makes promises to you.

Grady Homes, however, has been operating as a home building company in Townsville for over 60 years now, and with this in mind, it’s comforting to know that when Grady Homes gives you guarantees, you can rest assured that we will be around to honour them. Even in another 50 years!

Our Lifetime Structural Guarantee gives Grady customers peace of mind that we’ll repair structural defects that arise within 50 years of completion. Read the details in your build contract or ask us here for more information about this guarantee.


12 Month Building Defect Warranty

With our 12 Month Building Defect Warranty, if an issue with your home does arise after we finish construction, we’ll fix it! Our warranty manager will also closely follow the progress of the request and liaise with you and appropriate tradesmen to ensure the issue is rectified promptly and to your satisfaction.

Our proactive warranty manager will also check in with you at both 2 and 10 months after you move in to ensure you are still as thrilled with the home as the day you moved in and to check if there is any issues you may not have thought to report.

For details on how to report a defect, email defectwarranty@gradyhomes.com.au, submit a request via your BuilderTrend login, or phone us on (07) 4795 0900.

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