Meet The Grady Homes Team

Each member of the Grady Homes team work hard to help you bring your dream home to life. Meet them below to find out how they will each be working with you, and for you, to ensure you enjoy your home building experience from start to finish and beyond.


Each Grady Homes Sales Consultant is trained and educated in all aspects of designing, planning and building your new home. Their role is to help you discover exactly what you need in a home and then, with the assistance of our experienced team, come up with the perfect home design for you.

If you already have your land, the consultant can help you create the perfect home plan for that land. If you don’t own land, with the inside information on the various land releases in the Townsville region, our consultants can also help you choose the ideal block of land to suit your lifestyle and your brand new home.

Consultants are available for appointments at each of the Grady Display Homes. Stop by a display home, or contact us directly to make an appointment, to find out how Grady Homes can help you build your new home in Townsville.

Cynthia - Grady Homes Townsville


David Twohill


Julie | Grady Homes Townsville




The construction team leaders that ensure your home is built to plan, building time-frames are met, and quality workmanship is delivered to ensure you as the client Enjoy The Experience of building your home with Grady Homes.

Bruce Grady | Grady Homes Townsville Builder

Bruce Grady

Client Relations Manager
Karl | Grady Homes Townsville Builder


Site Supervisor / Foreman
Darren | Grady Homes Townsville Builder


Site Supervisor / Foreman


The crew in the office working hard to making your dream home a reality, and making the administration process of your home building journey a smooth one.   

Geoff Caldwell | Grady Homes Townsville Builder

Geoff Caldwell

Managing Director

My role is to ensure that Grady Homes operates ethically and efficiently, that we offer knowledge and opportunity to our clients, that our strict quality standards are met and exceeded, that our staff are educated and innovative, that our company continues to grow and integrate with modern trends, and that clients and guests to our display homes Enjoy The Grady Experience.

Leigh Caldwell | Grady Homes Townsville Builder

Leigh Caldwell (nee Grady)

Administration & Client Happiness

As director of first impressions you will meet me during your Grady Homes experience at the front desk of the head office, be greeted by me when you phone Grady, and you may hear from me before, during and after your home build when I check in on your experience.

Stacey Caldwell | Grady Homes Townsville Builder

STACEY (nee Caldwell)


A third generation family member, Stacey fully understands the importance of the Grady “Three Homes Story” and what it takes to make it a reality. She is continually improving and enhancing the way we apply, implement and use technology to empower the team to build your home just the way it should be, and to do so in a way that you really do “Enjoy the Experience”. And she oversees operations in all parts of the business to ensure everything is happening as and when it should.

Shalene | Grady Homes Townsville Builder

Pre-Construction Administrator

Making Things Happen Preconstruction

Once you have made the decision on your Grady house design, our pre-construction administrator will be coordinating the multitude of activities and people involved in moving your home from your “Yes please we would like you to build our house” to, “OK, we have got all the approvals we need, and all the decisions necessary; we are ready to start the Construction of your new home!!”.

Donna | Grady Homes Townsville Builder


Construction Admin & Defect Coordinator

Once we are ready to start construction, Donna becomes your primary point of contact. She is pivotal in ensuring all the right information and paperwork get to the right people at the right time. She works closely with the supervisors, suppliers and trade partners to help keep things moving smoothly and efficiently so that we get your home built on time with the minimum of fuss. And after you move in to your home, if there is a defect discovered, Donna will co-ordinate the necessary staff and tradesmen to have it rectified in a timely manner.

Jane | Grady Homes Townsville Builder


Making the Money Side of Things Easy

Before we start building your home, Jane will be in touch to help get everything set up with your bank to make things run smoothly and simply, with each of your stage payments.

Katrina | Grady Homes Townsville Builder

Administration Team


Just ask our suppliers and tradesmen. And every week, our proactive admin team makes sure their world keeps turning so your house build keeps progressing on schedule. They also happen to be our go to team for improving how we systemise processes internally so that we are continually improving our customer service and project delivery.


Drafting Team


Here at Grady Homes we have years of experience with fine tuning home designs to make sure your dream home is just right for you and your budget. And always with a clear focus on not just looks, but also function and of course, liveability. (Is that a word?)