There are three words a builder should never hear… “I thought that…”

I thought that… this was included.’
I thought that… you were doing this.’
I thought that… it would only take this long.’

These three words normally mean something isn’t quite as the client expected and you can be pretty sure it is going to lead to disappointment. This is the last thing we want our clients to feel about their new home.

But how does this happen? We like to explain with our ‘3 Homes Story’

When you build a home, there can often be 3 houses:

  1. The house you thought you bought
  2. The house the builder thought they sold, and…
  3. The house that actually gets built

The problem is that they can often be different if all of the details aren’t discussed upfront and in detail between the client, the builder, and the sales consultant.

So, what house are you really getting?

At Grady Homes all “3 homes” mentioned above are all the same,
the home you buy is the home you get … GUARANTEED with NO Nasty Surprises!

We can guarantee this because:

  • Our plans, contracts and information brochures include every aspect of your build, they are very detailed and are always fully explained to the client and provided to the building team to ensure nothing has been missed, that the house quoted to be built is the house on the plan, and the resulting house is the one that the owner wanted to build;
  • Any variations to the contract are presented to the client for approval before changes are made to the build, this way the client is always aware of any extra spend or savings accrued with their changes throughout the build;
  • We have our Grady Guarantees and we stand by them, we want you to enjoy your new home;
  • Our entire team care about designing, building and maintaining your new home ensuring you have the home you wanted and that you actually enjoy your building experience.

Contact us to start your home building journey today, and experience the Grady difference for yourself.