1. Select Your Builder

Ask friends who’ve been through the home building process and they’ll tell you …

Choose the right builder, and the process is a breeze.  Choose the wrong builder, and you’ll have nothing but frustrations, delays and disappointments.

Our advice:  Do your homework.  Ask the hard questions of the builder. Check out the builder’s reputation.  Ensure they are VERY clear on what is included in the contract price and what isn’t.  All this may sound tough, but after all, this is perhaps the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life.  Getting it wrong just isn’t an option.

2. Establish Your Budget

Establishing your budget BEFORE you visit display homes saves you time, and allows you to really focus on homes and land options that are in your price range.  It helps us to advise you more effectively too.  In fact, we urge you to get pre-approval of your available funds.  So talk to your bank or finance agent first.  (We can make some recommendations if you would like.)

3. Choosing Your Design

You need to do your homework when choosing designs.  You’ll find a wide selection of our popular Grady Homes plans on this website as a starting point.  By all means spend time studying them, but to really get a good handle on what will be right for YOU, make good use of the expertise of the Home Selection Consultants at our display homes.  They are trained and accredited in helping you match various floor plans not only to your budget, but your lifestyle, and to help you consider things like the orientation of the building site, the prevailing breezes, advice on outdoor entertainment ideas, and so on.  Professional input is critical.  So don’t be backward in asking lots of questions!

4. Choosing Internal & External Colours And Textures

This is where you really get to stamp your own personality and style onto your new home.  The choices you make here will say so much about you when friends and family come to visit.  The services of a professional Colour Consultant are really important here too.  So much so, Grady Homes will engage a top colour consultant for you free of charge.

You’ll get some amazing ideas for interior decorating, on wall and floor tiles, on carpet and floor coverings … textures, colours, styles and fittings.  You’ll be so excited at the possibilities, you’ll hardly want to wait to get into your new home.  And that leads us to the next step…

5. Guaranteed Fixed Price and Completion Date … In Writing

Your building experience should be enjoyable and worry free.  And Grady Homes absolutely delivers on that.  For example, we get all the council plans prepared and submitted for approval, pay all the fees associated with building your new home and systematically record all your selections.

Of critical importance, when you choose Grady Homes, you receive a guaranteed fixed price contract.  No nasty surprises.  Everything up front and clearly documented.

And another Grady Homes innovation … a 5-Month Build Guarantee in writing.  That means you’ll know when your start date is.  You’ll know when your finish date is.  And if were to take longer than 5 Months to build you home, we would pay you $500 for each extra week that it takes for us to complete your new home.

6. After (And Before) Handing Over The Keys

We provide you with a 12 month defect warranty as well as a lifetime structural guarantee.

Before the ‘handover’, one of our supervisors will go with you through your home, checking that absolutely everything is just perfect.  Nothing gets missed on our comprehensive checklist, nor with the trained eye of our supervisors.  That way, when you move in, we can be as proud of the final result as you are.

Better still, if something is not quite right with your new home, we never give you the run around, we get it fixed for you straight away.  After all, when your friends and family visit, we want them to be impressed with your home too!