Whilst designing a new home it is important to consider how you might entertain guests in your new abode. To do so, consider the following:

  1. Where do you like entertaining?
    Indoors or outdoors? Casual at an island bench, outdoor lounge, or formal seated dining?
  2. How do you like entertaining?
    Outdoor BBQs, nibbles outside with dinner in the dining room, formal dining, movies or entertainment in the background etc…
  3. Who will you frequently entertain? 
    Do you require a formal dining space or a theatre room?
    Do you have guests that frequently stay the night, or will your kids often have friends over?
  4. What will you do while entertaining?
    Will you require a patio the overlooks the garden where the kids can play?
    Will you need easy access to the kitchen from the outdoor entertaining space?
    Is the theatre located near the main entertaining space?

Consider the following elements in your home design:

  • Can guests easily access the bathroom from the living area?
  • Do you require a large pantry or a butler’s pantry to hide your prep area?
  • Do you require media points on the patio for TV/stereo?
  • Do you require a gas tap or sink to the outdoor area for the BBQ?
  • What is the view from the patio/dining room?
  • What are the breezes like for your BBQ/patio area?
  • Do you have a large or square dining table, is your dining space enough for extra people to sit comfortably?
  • If your island bench is for serving food, perhaps have your sink on another bench.
  • Do you require a formal lounge space or theatre for entertaining?
  • Are children’s bedroom doors out of sight from the main living area?
  • Wherever you will be entertaining consider if additional lighting or a fan is required.