When designing your new home it can be easy to focus on the colours, the layout and where your furniture will fit in the home. Often interior lighting can be neglected in the process.

Not with Grady Homes though.

Our New Homes Consultants are trained to help you consider how the interior lighting placement and fitting selections can affect the overall feel in the home.

A house that is not well-lit – through a lack of natural or poor artificial light – will appear cold, dark and uninviting. It can even change the colour appearance of your walls and features.

Good lighting on the other hand can help enhance your home’s features, and create a warm and functional environment for you and your family.

During the design process of your new house, our consultants will provide invaluable advice on room layout, window size and window placement to ensure that natural light fills your house.

The benefits to lots of natural light include: 

  • Reduces your electricity bill!
  • Interior ambiance becomes warm and inviting
  • It can lift your mood
  • Makes your rooms seem bigger and brighter

When it comes to artificial interior lighting, there are a few variations you can use to create a beautiful home environment.

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Ambient lighting helps set the mood. The use of dimmer switches, lantern and wall lights can all change the amount, colour and type of light a room receives. This helps you create the look and feel you desire.

Less light may be appropriate if you are watching a film, while bright light that reflects off the walls is good for a smaller room to give the illusion of space.

Light can have an impact on the focus of the room too. Recessed lighting directs light towards the floors rather than the walls, while a light in the centre of a room will provide ambient illumination of the entire area, perfect if your room is on the darker side.

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Accent lighting is designed to highlight particular features in your home. It can bring focus to artwork, walls, entry way or even your kitchen bench.

Accent lighting can also be used as a feature itself – a chandelier, large pendant light or unique lighting fixture can be a great feature element in your interior design.




Functional interior lighting serves a specific purpose. Functional lights are located in work spaces where you complete your day-to-day tasks to provide illumination and focus on a particular area, but not necessarily the overall room.





Wherever possible, it is best to complement your interior lighting with natural light.

Simple passive design elements such as the right site orientation, room placement in the house, the inclusion of eaves and good window coverings can all help improve lighting in your home.

Your Grady Homes Consultant can help you bring all of these aspects together to create a warm and inviting new home.