Council Plans & Specifications

Before construction can commence on your home a full set of drawings of the home has to be prepared and submitted to certifiers for Building Approval. No work can commence without the building approval. The cost of preparing these drawings is included in the quoted price.

In addition to the building approval, we must also get a “plumbing and drainage” approval. This application goes to the council.

In the past, the application for Building Approval was always submitted to council as well as to certifiers. Now they just go to “building certifiers”, but these plans are still commonly referred to as “Council Plans”.

The certified plans and the build specifications are required by your lending authorities prior to releasing funds to build the home.

Engineers Design & Certification

At Grady Homes, we always have an engineer review the drawings and certify that they meet or exceed all structural

Fees & Charges

The applications for Building Approval and Plumbing & Drainage Approval have significant fees associated with them. These are covered in the amount quoted in your building quote and contract. In addition to these fees there are other government fees associated with this process which we also cover.


Please note that not all home builders include arrangement and payment of plan certification and building approval in their quotes or contract. Always read your contract thoroughly and ask your builder should you have any questions about this process.