In short, no you can not take plans from one builder to another.

If a builder, architect or drafting company have drawn up a floor plan or house plans for you, they own the copyright in the designs. The practice of taking one builder’s house design/s to another company for quoting/building is illegal in Australia and can result in legal action, payment of damages to the copyright owner, as well as your construction being halted.

If you do not own the copyright in the design/s and you take those plans or design to have another company construct the home, you will be liable to pay for designs plus any associated damages direct to the copyright owner (the builder/drafting company).

Copyright in the designs includes design ideas and concepts provided to you, as well as the final concept or design. Having your design re-drawn by another company does not protect you from legal action either.

For more information about house design copyright, please contact our office to discuss.