When building your home in one of the Townsville Estates, there are often covenants governing fence design requirements. For example, in Greater Ascot, properties must have a 900mm high front fence.

We have a range of fencing options to suit your chosen estate, as well as any upgrades you may wish to include.

Grady Homes also assist you to comply with the law in relation to adjoining owners contributing equally to the cost of boundary fencing, in other words, getting neighbours to share in the cost of adjoining fences.

To do this, Grady Homes will attempt to:

  • Source contact details for each of your neighbours;
  • For each of your neighbours we have sourced contact details for, we will send a letter and fencing plan, advising details of the proposed fence and requesting they sign and return the agreement agreeing to contribute to the cost of the fence.

Sometimes your neighbours will have specific requirements for the fencing. In such cases we will inform you of the situation so you can deal directly with the neighbour and come to an agreement with them.

If the neighbour wants a fence other than one of our standards and you choose to go along with those requirements, we will remove the fence costs from your building contract to allow you to deal directly with the neighbour and the fencer who will be involved.

If you have any questions about fencing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.