You can request as many build quotes as you need to get your house, budget and inclusions just right!

Designing a home is a very important and enjoyable process. Preparing a quote with Grady Homes gives you a very detailed estimate of the costs to build your home on a specific block of land. It accounts for the inclusions you would like inside your home, the floor plan with all customisations, and the external positioning of the home on the site.

As your new home will be highly personalised, there are often changes you would like to make upon seeing a first quote, or changes of mind you may have along the way. These changes are implemented in subsequent quotes until the point is reached where the quote presented is the ideal home for you!

Generally speaking, extra quotes do not cost you; this is part of our process in helping make sure we are quoting on the home you will be building from the start, rather than making drastic changes once prices have been signed off on and locked in.

Occasionally, large custom plans that are highly work intensive may attract a small deposit to have them drawn up and priced. This would be discussed with you prior to preparation of highly customised plans or quotes.