There are many ways to save money on a home during the design process. Small changes in inclusions, such as the type of render, air-conditioning, or floor coverings, can save thousands straight away. The facade and type of roof chosen can also have a significant impact on the cost of the home to build. Even the block that is being quoted on for the build may influence cost through soil type, wind rating, and slope. Even the building option you choose can have a big impact on price.

Our trained sales consultants can assist with re-designing aspects of your floor plan like removing unnecessary walls, halls, and dead space, removing kicks out in the external walls, pushing out some of the floor space out under the eaves (i.e. garage), re-positioning rooms to save on space, and advising on other little design options that can save you money so that without compromising on design or quality you can build your new home to meet your budget or even allow you some extra cash for those special items that you have on your new home wish list.

At Grady Homes, your sales consultant will guide you through the design and quoting process with your budget in mind. You will be informed of the differences in costs of different inclusions. In the event that the quote comes in over budget, your consultant will have a number of solutions (taking into account factors such as the above) that will address the problem. We can even help you choose a block of land that will have minimal influence on the cost of the build.