There are a number of considerations to run through when you are looking to build on an acreage site as opposed to an urban site or new estate. These considerations can vary from site to site, and many acreage lots available in Townsville share many similarities with standard lots.

Some acreage building considerations include:

  • What the service access is like to the lot (including water, sewerage and power)?
    If not sewered, then a Taylex system may need to be installed which carries an additional cost.
  • How far back will the home be built?
    The connection of services such as power and water may need to be significantly longer to meet the home.
  • Slab heights of the home often need to be built up by and extra 2-300mm depending on the site.
  • Long-established acreage sites may require additional site works or tree clearing.
  • Driveway access is an important consideration; Is a culvert needed? Do covenants govern the type of driveway you need to construct?
  • Do any covenants apply to the acreage block?

As with building any other home in on any other site, your Grady Homes New Homes Consultant will assist you in covering all bases on what information is needed to build on your acreage site so you are not left with all the work to do on your own.

Want more information about building on acreage in Townsville?

There are a range of estates with new acreage land releases including half-acre blocks in and around Townsville.  Contact us for land availability, estate information and pricing.