Building covenants are essentially a set of “rules” governing certain aspects of how a house is to be built, or how a house is to look, in a new estate. The number, level, and rigidity of covenants vary from estate to estate.

Covenants will affect you in how some aspects of your house is designed to be built in select Townsville estates, and this can also affect the building budget.

Often building covenants will specify things such as:

  • Two homes with the same or very similar facade must not be within a certain distance of one another
  • Landscaping and window furnishings to be completed within a specific time frame after a build has been completed
  • External colours and design must comply with a theme or environment that the developer is trying to create in an estate
  • Porch sizes, fencing type, and setbacks to the facade may be required to meet certain standards or constraints

Whatever the covenants in the estate you are looking to build your home, your can rest assured that at Grady Homes we account for these when drafting your plans and preparing your quote, taking the all of the guesswork out of your hands!

Ask your Grady consultant about what covenants apply to the estates you are looking to build in.