You don’t need to have pre-approval to speak with us at Grady Homes. We are always happy to discuss building a home with you at any stage of your own preparation!

When it comes time to quoting and designing your home, however, pre-approval (while still not a necessity) sure helps! It gives you that specific dollar amount as your borrowing capacity for house and land, or a budget that you are comfortable with the repayments for. Knowing this figure allows us to help your prepare a home that fits within your budget and to choose inclusions you want that will also fit in your price range.

While not always the case, “flying blind” without pre-approval can sometimes lead to disappointing results after designing a beautiful home only to discover you do not have the capacity to borrow enough money to build it.

Having home loan pre-approval will ensure you know exactly what you can afford.

For home loan information, pre-approvals, re-financing and mortgages, request a free consultation with an experienced mortgage broker who can provide you with unbiased, honest advice about your mortgage options.

For more information about this, or for a list of our recommended local brokers, please do not hesitate to contact us on 4795 0900.