Yes, you absolutely can customise a floor plan to suit your needs. Our sales consultants and experienced drafting team help you through this process and offer useful advice on how you can optimise your house design for the best results and to suit your budget.

At Grady Homes we have over 80 popular house plans to choose from but we understand that not everyone will want exactly what is in one of our standard house plans. This is where our sales consultants and experienced in-house drafting team step in to  manipulate one of our standard house plans to suit your needs, meet your budget, and include the features you are looking for to create a house design that is the perfect space for you. We work with you to make small and large changes so that you get the house of your dreams.

This process usually does not cost anything and is part of the quoting process we follow on the road to building you a fixed price home. On occasion, a client may ask for a large or highly customised plan. In these instances a small deposit may be required prior to proceeding with the drafting and estimating of the house design to account for the extent of work required.