Inside of your Grady build contract we will have listed a tentative build commencement and completion date. This date may change depending on several factors including finance approval, council approval, land registration and our current build schedule.

Considerations for Construction Starts:

  1. After you sign the construction contract for your new home there will be a period of time allocated for your mortgage lender to approve and finalise your finance application, which your build contract will be used for. This period can be anywhere from 14-90 days depending on your bank and situation.
  2. Once finance for your new home is approved, a lot of background work is done by Grady Homes to have full construction plans drafted and approved by necessary officials. Holiday periods can delay this process.
  3. The commencement date for construction of your new home can only begin once your land is registered (if in a new estate) and finance has settled. Land registration can impact the expected build time. Discuss timeframes with your land sales consultant prior to purchase to ensure you have all the details and understand the expected timeframes for registration and build.
  4. After all of the finance and building approvals are in place, and your internal and external fittings and fixture selections are finalised, you will have a meeting with your Grady construction administrator at our Head Office to confirm your selections and give the final go ahead for Grady Homes to start building your brand new home. It is at this point when we give you a definitive build commencement date and completion date.

Together, the length of time these processes take can vary significantly depending on your circumstance. However, unless you have requested a later start date for construction of your new home, usually building commences within 2-4 months of your signing the build contract.

Should there be any variation outside of this time frame due to unforeseen circumstances you will be notified as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about expected build times or building a new home, please do get in touch. We’d be happy to help you start your home building journey.

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