The 7 Stages Of Building Your New Grady Home

After the major disruption of covid related factors which temporarily resulted in our building times being around 8 to 10 months, they are now returning to normal.
It takes around 6 to 8 weeks to get all the approvals in place and from there, our normal build time is around 5 months.

1. Site Testing & Earthworks

Includes soil testing, site levelling and clearing ready for construction. We also notify neighbours of the upcoming construction and erect a sign with our contact details should anyone have any issues with what is happening on-site.

2. Slab Stage

Includes measuring out the design on the site. Digging, setup and pouring of footings. Under slab drainage, moisture barrier and Termimesh put in place followed by completion of foundation slab.

This stage takes approx. 2 weeks.

3. Frame Stage

Includes construction of external and internal walls with reinforcing steel and conduit for electrical wiring and pipes for plumbing. Installation of roof frame, fascia and gutters, insulation, roof sheeting and trims.

This stage takes approx. 4 weeks.

4. Lock-Up Stage

Includes installation of pipes and wiring, plasterboard to internal walls is erected, the sheeting of gables, eaves, porch and patio ceilings completed, external walls rendered, and the external doors, sliding glass doors and windows are installed.

This stage takes approx. 4 weeks.

5. Pre-Paint Stage

Includes plastering plasterboard joins, installing the cornice, waterproofing, laying tiles, installation of cabinetry, skirting, architraves, doors, jambs, reveals, shelving, box air-conditioners, and pouring of driveway/paths.

This stage takes approx. 5-6 weeks.

6. Practical Completion

Includes all painting, fencing, landscaping, turf and irrigation. Installation of floor coverings, glass, doors, screens, clothes line, letter box, and all fittings. The site is then cleared of waste and a final inspection, house clean and detail are completed before handover.

This stage takes approx. 7-8 weeks.

7. The Great Service Continues…

We want to ensure you stay happy with your home well after you move in. As anyone who has built with us before knows, you are just as important to us once you have moved into your home as you are whilst your home is under construction. With that in mind, we provide you with a Grady Homes “Moving in Pack” full of helpful information on keeping your home looking good; and you benefit from the industry leading Grady Homes “Defect Warranty” policy.

All of us at Grady Homes are committed to ensure you “Enjoy the Experience” of building your new home, and that you will then, “Enjoy the Experience” of living in your new Grady Home.

All time frames documented in these stages are approximates based on our completion time frames provided we do not experience inclement weather.